Spacecoast Precision’s New Hermes IS400 4-axis CNC engraver boasts an adjustable 20,000 RPM spindle and can engrave on metals, plastic, and even glass, while simultaneously rotating the part under the spindle if needed thanks to a fully-controlled 4th axis.

With a 12” x 12” work envelope, there is room for many components to be mounted to the vise or rotating chuck, and with the Gravostyle G5 software package, we can quickly edit supplied artwork from a variety of file types into machine instructions that allow the machine to precisely locate and engrave what is needed, and then repeat that work over and over, either immediately, or months later when the work requires.

Tools tips come in a variety of angles and shapes to generate varying finishes, as well as different materials for cutting on different surfaces. We have successfully used this engraver for years to help identify or beautify a part with custom artwork that is difficult or too expensive to do in our machining centers.

The IS400 can also do serial numbering of components if needed for traceability, and meets requirements for permanent part marking for aerospace, military, and civilian applications. While our engraver typically works in conjunction with our larger CNC machines in a value-added support role, we are happy to quote just engraving work if needed on your parts if your current supplier either does not have the time or capability to do the detailed work that this machine is capable of.

We have used this machine to even do trophy and award plaques and presentation materials for special events as well as custom fender badges, wheel center caps, and almost anything that can fit that needs that special touch.


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