Spacecoast Precision utilizes a variety of old-school and modern testing methods and equipment to insure the parts we produce for our customers meet their requirements. Our facility is climate-controlled so that we have consistent temperatures to manufacture and inspect the finished piece in.

On the shop floor, our programmers and operators utilize hand tools such as Mitutoyo digital calipers and micrometers to take preliminary measurements as parts are machined, as well as Brown and Sharp indicators for checking parts in-process. Adjustments can be made to tool and wear offsets quickly to compensate for small variances if any are detected. We also use pin gauges, 1-2-3 blocks, and other tried-and-true techniques to insure that what we program is what our machines are actually producing.

Our machines are periodically inspected with a Renishaw ball bar test by independent 3rd parties, and if needed, compensation data or repairs can be made to insure that the machines are tracking accurately to their programmed paths. The machines also have Renishaw digital probing built in to not only inspect and set tooling, but to also check positions and parts in-process.

Our inspection department utilizes granite surface plates, height gauges, Brown and Sharpe indicators, and other equipment to take final readings on parts to insure they meet customer expectations, and can also be used to help insure the accuracy of the shop floor measuring equipment. If any discrepancies are found, the instrument can be sent for service or repair if possible, or taken out of service and replaced if repair is not possible. Our Brown and Sharpe CMM and Clark Rockwell hardness testers also are used to inspect details that otherwise would be difficult to certify via other methods.

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