Spacecoast Precision’s New Hermes LS500XL laser engraver is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in our facility. Powered by a 40-watt CO2 laser, and controlled via the same Gravostyle G5 software we use for our New Hermes IS400 physical engraver, we have found that this machine not only can engrave on most any surface, but also can cut materials such as plastic and wood accurately with ease within its 18” x 12” work envelope.

The laser utilizes an autofocus system and has HEPA air filtration to filter out undesirable fumes from the air when cutting or engraving on some materials. While only functional in 2-axis at once, the laser does have an adjustable 3rd axis for focusing on both tall or short parts, and can still engrave even when the surface height changes, such as when engraving a tumbler or other rounded piece, or where there is a small step in the height of the part that is attempting to be engraved or cut.

The laser’s adjustable power and speed allow for multiple levels of engraving even on the same base material, which can result in some really unique effects such as fades and shading to produce photorealistic grayscale artwork on a surface if needed, and then cutting out the artwork completely from the base material, depending on the canvas in question.

The laser is ready and able to apply that finishing touch to a part or component or thousands of parts, all depending on what you may need. Like our physical engraver, the laser typically works in a value-added role with our other CNC machines, but is capable of working independently when required and we are happy to quote work that it is capable of independent of our other machining operations.


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