Once you are inspired to come up with something as simple as a napkin sketch of what you need, our team can work using advanced computer modeling to design and render images of what the finished product will look like. These renderings can then be turned into a 3D printed prototype, allowing for functional testing of certain basic concepts prior to manufacture. At this stage we’re looking at DFM (Design For Manufacturability) to help reduce costs and avoid costly redesigns later in the process.


Once the design is locked down, our team gets to work on machining your product into a reality using any or all of our advanced machining centers. Whether the project calls for 2-axis turning, or 4-axis simultaneous milling, or a combination of them both, we’ve got you covered. We machine a variety of materials, from UHMW and ABS plastic to titanium and stainless steel alloys as well as aircraft aluminum and steels. After primary machining is complete, we can also handle brand engraving as well.


After machining, finishing, and assembly if required, your product or component will be ready for prime time. If needed, we can have 3rd party finishing of your product done in advance, guaranteeing your customers will be happy with the finished goods they receive. From small startups to well-known global companies, we have provided our customers with products they are proud to call their own, even if they have little to no manufacturing experience on how to turn their dreams into a reality.


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