Spacecoast Precision utilizes the following software to help communicate with your team, visualize products during development, and to reduce time-to-production once the manufacturing process begins:

SOLIDWORKS 2023 – Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) package with RealView graphics is combined in one powerful package, along with Finite-Element Analysis (FEA) capability and photo-realistic 3D rendering capabilities thanks to PhotoView 360.  This combination makes Solidworks our go-to software during the design stage of your products.  Capable of importing most file types, we can convert between formats to work with your team to quickly identify and resolve issues prior to prototyping or production.

Camworks 2023 – Our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)software is integrated fully with Solidworks to generate the toolpaths, determine cutting loads, tooling requirements, and also to design and build the fixtures required for workholding of your products.  Design changes made in Camworks feeds back to Solidworks to help keep your models up-to-date with the actual parts being produced as changes are introduced over time.  Camworks also supplies us with cycle time estimates in advance of production.

CIMCO 2023 – Our backplot / toolpath visualization software helps insure that the toolpaths generated by Solidworks & Camworks are safe, and we  also use CIMCO to hand-edit code when needed to reduce unneeded motion as well as re-ordering tooling to reduce cycle times on larger quantity jobs to help reduce cost per piece for our customers.


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