Spacecoast Precision has a variety of support pieces that together add a lot of capability to our facility to either help finish assembling a product or just aid in the manufacturing of products.

Our ExAir coolant vacuum not only can vacuum down a 55 gallon drum in just under a minute, it can also filter the fluids with 10-micron filters and then return the cleaned fluid back to the machine or to a drum for disposal.

We have presses from a small one-ton manual arbor press up through a 30-ton Hawke hydraulic press to assemble or disassemble a variety of components. We also have a pneumatic press which we typically use for assembling bearings using custom-made shoes for the specific bearing size in question.

Our DoAll 916A NC saw can cut a variety of steels and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys like butter, with +/-.002” per inch accuracy, and repeatable cuts within +/-.005” !

We have a Cyclone media Blast cabinet and Kalamazoo 3.3 cubic foot tumbler for part finishing prior to anodize or plating. The Cyclone has a dust collection system for operator safety, and the Kalamazoo can handle wet or dry media in a variety of sizes and grits.

Our Atlas Copco 15Hp compressor is a modern marvel. Compared to a normal air compressor that generates a lot of noise and heat in the compression process, the three computer-controlled 5Hp independent heads of the compressor are rotary scroll designs that do not introduce oil to the compressed air. Our staff can stand right next to the compressor while it is running and have a normal conversation, it’s that quiet! It is the heart of our facility, pumping compressed air to all of our machines.


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