Spacecoast Precision’s Doosan 2100LSY and 220LSY mill/turning centers are amazing machines in a small footprint. Designed for lathe turning of up to 7” diameter x 15” length parts, it has a wealth of options that allow it to do much more than simply ‘turn’ a part.

Live turning or mill/turning is simply the ability to use a milling tool to mill features while the part is setup in the chuck or Royal collet system, allowing for less, if any, secondary work to be required in a mill or other machine. Our turning centers not only has X and Z-axis milling, but can also mill off-center in the Y-axis, allowing full machining of complex parts while in the main spindle. A Fanuc control under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff keeps tabs on all 6 axis of travel (X,Y,Z, B, C, sub-C), and with 6,000 RPM on both the main and subspindle as well as in all 12 live milling positions, parts can be automatically machined at high speed and with incredible detail without requiring any additional work.

Unlike some machines that require the operator to then manually reload the part for the back side or other work, our lathes have a subspindle that automatically synchronizes with the main spindle, performs a cutoff operation, and retracts to do secondary work in the subspindle before dropping the completed part into a robotic parts catcher which feeds the completed part out of the work envelope to the operator while simultaneously pulling the bar forward and starting the next piece in the main spindle. Adjustable hydraulic clamping operated automatically when in-cycle or via foot pedals allows for precise holding and release of workpiece material without crushing delicate thinwall tubes or parts.


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