The workhorse VMC at Spacecoast Precision is our Doosan DMV4020, which is a stout box-way machining center with 12k RPM spindle and 1,000 psi thru-spindle coolant! After 12 years of service, Accurate Machine Tool Rebuilders in 2018 performed a full ground-up rebuild / restoration, which included hand-scraping and geometrically resetting the machine to better than new condition. Ballscrews & spindle were rebuilt as well, and at the same time all new bearings, lubrication, protective components & new polycarbonate windows were installed to insure that our ‘new’ machine would last well into the future providing dependable operation.
With a 40” x 20” x 20” work envelope, our machining center is made for rigid, high speed cutting of a variety of materials. Given the large X-axis travel, many times we utilize the dimensional capability of this machine when the parts are too large or cumbersome to load into our horizontal machining center. And when heavy cuts in hard materials would make a linear guide machine vibrate excessively, the box ways and 16k pound casting combined with the 40-taper Big-Plus spindle taper absorbs vibration and keeps cutting. A 24-station random-access tool changer switches tools in under 2 seconds!

A Fanuc control with PCMCIA front-mounted memory card integrates with our offline CAM software to program and machine complex parts, while allowing our operators to be able to go from machine to machine in our shop and have similar controls to work with. Automatic chip conveyor and bed & part washdown systems just like on our other machines reduce operator intervention and keeps the machine in production especially when the chips are flying!

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